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AOL Instant Messenger Beta

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AOL Instant Messenger Beta  Change Log

The feedback you submitted during the last series of beta tests was heard loud and clear. As a result, some new features and functionality will be added to the client. These feature's are currently planned to be added gradually.

Some examples of features slated to be added are proxy settings, several cool skins, and a one-click method to send an SMS text message to your buddy. This is just a subset of upcoming features and you will be the first to use and submit your comments against them.

The new version of the AIM 6 beta software is You may determine this by going to Help and then selecting About AIM. This release incorporates the following new features:

* The Buddy Notes feature, also known as Buddy Notes in AIM 5.9. The Edit/New Buddy window now offers a Notes field. The Notes entered against a buddy are surfaced in the Quickview tooltip for that buddy.
* A new theme, black chrome, has been added to the color changer, accessible from the small circular button next to Help on your Buddy List.

The new build also offers some functionality changes:

* A self-extracting installer will be used to deliver the build to your machine. This means that there should be fewer problems with downloading installers for this and future versions of the software.
* The Notifications window has been redesigned to look much smaller and use Arial font text as opposed to the Times New Roman font that was used in previous versions of the software.
* The Settings window is now accessible from the Sign On screen. To get to it, simply select or enter an already-saved user name in the Screen Name field and then either click the Settings link below the Sign On button or go to Edit then select Settings.

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