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Axialis IconWorkshop 6.60

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Axialis IconWorkshop 6.60  Change Log

# Loads New Image File Formats - Now loads several new image formats. Permits edition of image files and creation of icons from the following new formats:
* Camera RAW Images (*.CRW;*.NEF;*.RAF;*.ORF;*.MRW;*.DCR;*.MOS;*.RAW;*.PEF;*.DNG...)
* Dr. Halo CUT Images (*.CUT)
* DirectDraw Surface Bitmaps (*.DDS)
* Raw Fax G3 Images (*.G3)
* Radiance HDR Images (*.HDR)
* Koala Images (*.KOA)
* MNG Animated Images (*.MNG)
* Portable Float Map Images (*.PFM)
* Portable Bitmaps (*.PNM;*.PBM;*.PPM;*.PGM)
* Silicon Graphics Images (*.SGI)
* Sun RAS Images (*.RAS)
* Wireless Bitmaps (*.WBMP;*.WAP;*.WBM)
* X-Bitmap Images (*.XBM)
* XPixMap Images (*.XPM)

# Saves/Exports to New Image File Formats - Now exports/saves images to the following additional file formats:
* Radiance HDR Images (*.HDR)
* Portable Float Map Images (*.PFM)
* Portable Bitmaps (*.PNM;*.PBM;*.PPM;*.PGM)
* Targa Images (*.TGA)
* Wireless Bitmaps (*.WBMP;*.WAP;*.WBM)
* XPixMap Images (*.XPM).

# Exports all the formats of an Icon - Now export all the image formats included in an icon in several separate files (13 formats supported).

# Various enhancements and bug fixes

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