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Azureus  Change Log

New Features:

  • Core | DHT torrent lookup now based on sha1(hash) and torrent xfer encrypted using hash-derived key
  • Core | More aggressive banning of peers sending bad data - algorithm change and block-banning feature
  • Core | Support for multiple DHT networks on same port
  • Core | Introduced passive torrents - these are tracked but not downloaded
  • Core | Category setting functions added to My Tracker
  • Core | Added ability to make plugin config ui components invisible
  • UI | Average peer speed for swarm column added
  • Plug | Plugin interface extension to allow per-plugin torrent-attributes
  • Plug | Plugin ResourceDownload feature for accessing content-type


  • Core | Improved optimistic unchoke anti-leech algorithms
  • Core | CVS versions run multiple DHTs to permit validations of changes
  • Core | DHT anti-spoof for cache forwards
  • Core | DHT mechanisms for flood prevention
  • Core | Added local tracker url to torrents when hosting external torrents
  • Core | Hosted torrents now become passively tracked when their corresponding download is removed
  • Core | More pro-active injection of DHT scrapes for torrents with failing trackers
  • Plug | More JPC plugin enhancements to help reduce cache server load

Corrected bugs:

  • Core | DHT protocol version logic fixes
  • Core | Fix for 100% cpu when more than 60 connections are registered with a selector under buggy network stacks
  • Core | Invalid listen port configuration would prevent Azureus from starting
  • Core | Added hooks to catch Windows shutdown events to allow graceful Azureus exit
  • Core | Fix for start-stopped non-simple torrents showing data-missing error on restart
  • Core | Fix for drag-n-drop SWT exceptions blocking Azureus startup
  • Core | Fixed up interested message for downloads with do not download files
  • UI | Categories not being correctly displayed when torrents transit between downloading and seeding

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