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Google SketchUp 7.1.4871

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Google SketchUp 7.1.4871  Change Log

* Improved support for large models: We overhauled SketchUp's rendering engine to make it easier to work with big models. With the right setup, operations like orbiting, zooming and drawing can be quicker and smoother in 7.1.
* Photo Textures: Use Google Street View imagery to add real-world photo textures to your geo-located SketchUp models
* Nearby models: Use the Component Browser to search the 3D Warehouse for buildings located near the one you're working on, then download the ones you want directly into your model. No more hunting around to find the context you need
* Direct Component upload: Upload individual components to the 3D Warehouse without first having to save them out to separate files. Split up large city models into buildings, preserve Dynamic Component functionality and more.
* Import and Export COLLADA files: COLLADA is a 3D file format based on open standards. The data you create is yours; it shouldn't be locked inside a proprietary file type. COLLADA makes it easier to move your models between different pieces of software.
* Import and Export KMZ files: Google Earth KMZ is the standard file format for packaging 3D models together with information about their geographic locations. The newest version of SketchUp gives you access to a world of geo-located 3D models.
* Dimensions: Apply dimensions to scaled SketchUp models and vector graphics to create design documents and simple construction drawings with LayOut 2.
* Snap to SketchUp model: Elements like lines, labels and dimensions automatically snap to points in the SketchUp models you insert in LayOut 2. It's a little bit like magic.
* Improved Freehand tool: Draw curves with LayOut 2's Freehand tool and watch them turn into smooth, perfect vector lines that you can edit. It's a more natural way to draw.
* Lists: LayOut 2 makes it easy to include lists – bulleted or numbered – in your text.
* Improved Grids: Being able to see your grid as dots instead of lines, behind or in front of your drawing, makes it easier to see what you're doing. Hooray for clarity!
* Improved Copy/Paste: We've made it easier to move elements like graphics and text between LayOut 2 and the other programs in your design toolbox.

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