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KeePass Password Safe 2.12

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KeePass Password Safe 2.12  Change Log

New Features:

  • Auto-type window definitions in custom window-sequence pairs are now Spr-compiled (i.e. placeholders, environment variables, etc. can be used).
  • Global auto-type delay: added support for multi-modified keys and special keys.
  • Added 'New Database' application policy flag.
  • Added 'Copy Whole Entries' application policy flag.
  • Multi-monitor support: at startup, KeePass now ensures that the main window's normal area at least partially overlaps the virtual screen rectangle of at least one monitor.
  • RoboForm importer: URLs without protocol prefix are now prefixed automatically (HTTP).
  • Entry-dependent placeholders can now be used in most trigger events, conditions and actions (the currently focused entry is used).
  • Auto-type on Unix-like systems: KeePass now shows an informative error message when trying to invoke auto-type without having installed the 'xdotool' package.

Improvements / Changes:

  • New column engine: drag&dropping hidden fields works as expected again (the field data is transferred, not asterisks).
  • Improved restoration of a maximized main window.
  • Improved error message when trying to import/export data from/to a KDB file on a non-Windows operating system.
  • Minor other improvements.

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