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MetroTwit 0.9.3

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MetroTwit 0.9.3  Change Log

- Fixed view conversation to display tweets instantly than waiting for whole thread
- Changed URL shortening setting to show native Twitter URL shortening
- Fixed pause columns utilizing the new backlog functionality
- Fixed URLs not counting correctly in tweet compose box
- Fixed media preview for very small images not appear tiny
- Fixed MetroTwit Plus verification to email addresses with “plus” symbols
- Fixed context-menu text appearing black on dark theme for Windows 8 Aero Basic users
- Fixed changing themes leading to columns no longer adapting to resizing
- Fixed media preview crashing for corrupt images
- Changed Proxlet naming in settings to generic “API Proxy”
- Fixed copying tweets with square brackets becoming HTML entities
- Attempted fix at profile corruption issue by reducing the number of save points
- Added pasting links prepend space before to prevent unclickable links
- Fixed duplicate tweets when resuming from Twitter streaming disconnect
- Added support for profile updating event from Twitter streaming
- Fixed high DPI bug popup column positioning
- Tweaked inline popup positioning logic when the screen might not fit
- Fixed copying expanded URL overriding normal URL
- Fixed popup column crashing if closing while moving back
- Fix blocked users tweet being retweeted in the timeline
- Fixed tweet buttons disabled if sending tweet failed once
- Fixed notification toast to show at least two lines of text with RT
- Optimized media preview to not jitter at launch
- Fixing resizing bug if lots of columns displayed
- Changed MetroTwit Plus verification failing on some locales
- Tweaked ad refresh cycle now adaptive to inactive/idle application
- Attempt to fix tweet fade in animation which caused invisible tweets
- Removed the retweet grouping functionality which deleted the original tweet
- Removed arrows and animations from popups for performance
- Fixed a popup column positioning bug after cycling back/forward
- Fixed popup column might appear out of screen
- Fixed URL displays to new Twitter format
- Added support for Twitter entities in Twitter searches
- Swapped RT/refresh icons to be more consistent with UI standards
- Changed profile column layout
- Fixed tweets appearing out of order when streaming
- Added new sign-in experience to simplify the Twitter OAuth process
- Added error if computer time is off and streaming cannot connect
- Fixed trends showing selected location name by accident
- Fixed media previews to use new service
- Fixed taskbar notification not updating after settings change
- Added a tip to bypass media preview
- Changed style of overlays, introduced popup column overlay
- Tweaked size of popup columns
- Fixed pressing “c” accidentally closing windows

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