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Miranda 0.9.0

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Miranda 0.9.0  Change Log

* Enhancements:

– New improved protocols engine with full Unicode support
– New high quality icon theme
– Dynamic protocol’s menu creation
– New Unicode-aware profile manager
– Added the first official 64-bit core version
– Added 32×32 pixels icons support
– Added Windows 7 taskbar icon support
– Added full Unicode file transfers
– Added the Unicode search capability
– Added the Unicode status messages processing
– Added menu option to move all protocol menus to the status bar
– Added SSL certificate validation
– Added ability to transfer files longer than 4 GB
– Added support for HTTP 1.1 persistent connections including persistent HTTP proxy connections
– Added support for HTTP SPINEGO (Negotiate) authentication
– Added support for Internet Explorer proxy settings usage including proxy auto configuration scripts
– Added transparent HTTP proxy/server authentication if possible (no user settings needed)
– Jabber: Added GSSAPI authentication
– Jabber: Added API for the second-level Jabber subplugins
– Jabber: Added ability to transfer files longer than 4 GB
– Gadu-Gadu: Brought back and improved SSL support (still requires OpenSSL)
– Gadu-Gadu: The complete avatars support
– Gadu-Gadu: Custom profile folders plugin support for avatars and images
– Gadu-Gadu: Added support for changing status by the user simultaneously logged on using different Miranda account or IM client
– Gadu-Gadu: Improved showing links from unknown contacts
– Gadu-Gadu: Split the protocol menu into two popup menus when it’s moved to the status bar
– MSN: Added ability to transfer files longer than 4 GB
– MSN: Added automatic connection method selection
– YAHOO: Improved the login procedure

* Bugfixes:

– IRC: Fixed crash in file transfers
– Jabber: Fixed group chat affiliation issue
– Gadu-Gadu: Fixed setting status without status message
– Gadu-Gadu: Fixed changing status while connecting
– Gadu-Gadu: Fixed status mode/message change issue for yourself added to the contact list
– Gadu-Gadu: Auto reconnect did not work in some cases
– Gadu-Gadu: Improved thread safety
– Gadu-Gadu: Fixed network logging
– Gadu-Gadu: Fixed memory leaks

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