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Notepad++ 5.1

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Notepad++ 5.1  Change Log

  • Make Notepad++ Unicode-compliant application(Unicode path supported).
  • Fix crash issue due to the incoherent modification/creation date.
  • Enhance Find in files feature : launch in thread, stop as wish.
  • Add find/replace dialog memorize capacity.
  • Fix "find in all opened files" and "find in files" unicode text search bug.
  • Fix "replace" and "replace all" bug.
  • Fix tag match highlighting mismatched bug.
  • Make tag match highlighting on non html zone optional.
  • Fix cpu high consumption bug while document is cloned with smart highlighting and xml matched highlighting features activating.
  • Refine the Save/Open file directory settings (follow tab/last operation/user defined dir).
  • Add "Doc go to new instance" and "Doc open in new instance" features.
  • Move document to another instance of Notepad++ via drag and drop document tab.
  • Add new pluin notification NPPN_DOCACTIVATED and NPPN_LANGCHANGED.
  • Fix context menu incorrect setting crash bug.
  • Fix crash problem while typing Chinese character in ANSI CSS document under Chinese environment.
  • Fix a problem with Incremental search+UTF8 in win9x.
  • Fix the User defined language not working in Unicode version bug.
  • Fix bug with CPP lexer keyword list.
  • Fix auto-completion not woring for HTML, SQL and RC problem.
  • Fix html, sql and rc auto-completion bug.
  • Fix cancel to save file in Notepad++ can not stop system shutdown problem.
  • Fix bug with opening relative path files.
  • Fix bug with clearing read-only flag.
  • Fix wrap after save as bug.
  • Improve "reload from disk" behaviour.
  • Add option to only show the filename in the titlebar.
  • Remove all the comic sans font (finally :) ).

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