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PuTTY 0.56

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PuTTY 0.56  Change Log

  • Security fix: a vulnerability discovered by iDEFENSE, potentially allowing arbitrary code execution on the client by a malicious SSH-2 server before host key verification, has been fixed. See vuln-ssh2-debug.
  • Ability to restart a session within an inactive window, via a new menu option.
  • Minimal support for not running a shell or command at all in SSH protocol 2 (equivalent to OpenSSH\'s \"-N\" option). PuTTY/Plink still provide a normal window for interaction, and have to be explicitly killed.
  • Transparent support for CHAP cryptographic authentication in the SOCKS 5 proxy protocol. (Not in PuTTYtel.)
  • More diagnostics in the Event Log, particularly of SSH port forwarding.
  • Ability to request setting of environment variables in SSH (protocol 2 only). (However, we don\'t know of any servers that support this.)
  • Ability to send POSIX signals in SSH (protocol 2 only) via the \"Special Commands\" menu. (Again, we don\'t know of any servers supporting this.)
  • Bug fix: The PuTTY tools now more consistently support usernames containing \"@\" signs.
  • Support for the Polish character set \"Mazovia\".
  • When logging is enabled, the log file is flushed more frequently, so that its contents can be viewed before it is closed.
  • More flexibility in SSH packet logging: known passwords and session data can be omitted from the log file. Passwords are omitted by default. (This option isn\'t perfect for removing sensitive details; you should still review log files before letting them out of your sight.)
  • Unix-specific changes:
    • Ability to set environment variables in pterm.
    • PuTTY and pterm attempt to use a UTF-8 line character set by default if this is indicated by the locale; however, this can be overridden.

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