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Skype  Change Log

New Features

  • 10-way group video calling
  • Skype Home experience
  • New contact search and add experience
  • Offline instant messaging support
  • Improved experience during network-compromised calls
  • Automatic call recovery
  • Post call experience
  • General User Interface refresh


  • Removed post call experience
  • Added an option to disable avatar pictures in contact list.

Fixed issues:

  • Accessibility in Call Phones tab was not properly supported.
  • Accessibility was not fully supported in Call View.
  • It was not possible to accept or reject a contact request via keyboard.
  • Labels in Add people widget were not visible to Jaws.
  • When the user redialed within 10 seconds the audio was sometimes silent.
  • During Skype update it was impossible to change language for Skype browser plugin.
  • Skype browser plugin was wrongly interpreting US vanity numbers that exeed 11 digits.
  • Sometimes the browser plugin dropdown menu was shown in the wrong place on the screen.
  • Call Phones tab showed wrong information about subscriptions when user did not have reccurring payments enabled.
  • Call to invalid number message was not cleared.
  • Calling rates under subscriptions were sometimes not correctly shown.
  • Header area in call phones tab sometimes showed some messages in text format instead of graphical.
  • Numberpad on call phones was not displayed properly on low screen resolutions.
  • Sometimes the rates lookup drop down list appeared in wrong place when using Skype in compact mode.
  • Call Quality Indicator did not warn user if he mutes microphone in Windows settings.
  • Call Quality Indicator stated unknown connection speed.
  • Call restablishment message will remain on a call which appears to be fine, though available bandwidth is very low.
  • The call quality indicator sometimes incorrectly reported medium quality when in fact the video call was in high definition.
  • Call transfer to a phone number not in contact list did not work.
  • Video was not transmitted after call transfer.
  • Occasionally the call view had white boxes instead of texts.
  • In rare occasions Skype crashed after changing microphone.
  • Creating a Skype Out contact from recently dialled numbers was malfunctioning.
  • There were some text formatting errors in Recents list.
  • Avatar picture was not displayed in Public profile view.
  • Sometimes, Add contacts buttons text was only partially visible.
  • User search, based on e-mail and phone number, did not display partial results if full matches were present.
  • On rare cases file receiver saw a erroneous message ‘The file isn’t available’.
  • Skype sometimes stopped responding when accepting File Transfer in group conversation.
  • Message box that appears so users can activate a free trial remained even after trial is activated.
  • Often when adding a third participant to a video call the host was not notified about the need to activate a free trail in order to use group video calling.
  • Placing a group video call with no free trial appears to other participants as missed conversation.
  • Video could sometimes freeze for some participants on Group video calls.
  • There was no support for languages read right to left in profile view.
  • Skype opened in focus if Skype was set to autostart.
  • Skype sometimes crashed when switching Windows user under Windows 7.
  • Skype was starting as maximized during autostart process.
  • When opening main menu Skype asked user to install Flash player if user did not have it previously installed.
  • During screen sharing, the shared area may be partially cropped when resizing it.
  • Netbooks with Mobile Intel® 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Graphics Chipset and Windows 7 sometimes had problems when receiving large screen sharing resolutions beyond 1322 × 823.
  • Receiving a large resolution screen share could have artefacts on screen.
  • When receiving screen sharing from Skype for Mac version 2.8, sometimes the screen does not load on the 5.0 side.
  • The Skype Access connection display did not pop-up correctly when trying to connect to supported hotspot after starting Skype up.
  • In some cases, avatar pictures were missing from Skype Home feed.
  • Occasionally mood message update displays may be disrupted when the network connection is momentarily lost.
  • Skype Home is not scaling very well to small and big window
  • Sometimes there was a connection error when trying to open account panel from client alert in Skype Home.
  • Un-sent mood message updates within Skype Home will not be saved when navigating away from Skype Home.
  • Clicking on the webcamera settings may cause Skype to crash.
  • In rare cases users video may not start correctly when using Logitech webcam pro 9000.
  • In rare cases, video may not be received by the other party even if the local preview is working correctly
  • Skype crashed if user quit Skype during an active call.
  • Skype may not work properly with virtual cameras
  • Switching between USB camera and HP Virtual webcam locks the camera
  • The call receiver may not see HQ logo on their side during HQ call
  • The receiver may not see HQ logo in the local preview while the receiver sees the logo on his side.
  • The Skype video snapshots feature is not working on Windows XP SP3.
  • This version of Skype (5.0) has increased CPU usage which may effect video quality on some computers.
  • Under some circumstances upon ending a Skype Video call the webcam can still be capturing video even though it is no-longer in use.
  • Video call picture quality was sometimes lower than expected in good conditions.
  • Video calls may not work with virtual machines.
  • Video calls on a secondary display causes higher CPU load compared to usage on the primary display.
  • Video may stop if you lock and unlock your computer while on a call
  • Video might freeze in calls with H.264 devices.
  • DailyMotion videos which have been added to a mood message are not being displayed to other contacts.
  • Calls go to Voicemail for offline users even if they have disabled it from Options.
  • Message that display’s “Item has been deleted from conversation history.” sometimes appeared after sending Voicemail. Voicemail itself will be sent without problems.

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