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X-Chat 2.8.1

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X-Chat 2.8.1  Change Log

  • Added a system tray icon (aka Notification Area). This is probably the biggest feature addition in this series. Also added a /TRAY command so scripts can manipulate the icon.
  • Note: If you prefer to use the X-Tray plugin, you can still do so. Just disable XChat\'s tray icon in Settings > Preferences > Alerts.
  • Settings: Warn the user when trying to put the tree on the top/bottom.
  • Channel modes are no longer shown in the titlebar if they contain a key.
  • Added /GUI APPLY command, which does that same as pressing OK in the settings window (e.g use it after /set). Mainly for scripters.
  • Allow changing the logging folder if the log filename is set to a full path in the settings window (e.g. starts with \"C:\").
  • Added \'Your Action\' text event.
  • Separated out /away and /back commands so it\'s obvious what they\'ll do.
  • Settings are now saved even if you shut-down Windows before closing XChat.
  • Fixed the \"Save As\" function saving to the wrong folder in the URL Grabber.
  • Changes to /MENU command (See plugin20.html for details):
    • Now works for popup menus too.
    • Allows creation of radio menu items.
    • -p arg can now to be negative to give a position offset from right/bottom.
    • -i arg to specify an icon file.
  • Plugin API:
    • Added \"event_text\" to xchat_get_info().
    • Added \"modes\" to xchat_get_info(). Returns the current channel modes, if they are known.

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