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Maxthon  Change Log

# Fixes:
* Main Frame
- Focus problem of Mouse Gesture when opened Online Notepad.
- Mouse Gesture invalidation problem.
- Page blank caused by entering “Navigation History” list in error.
- Display error of the words in Maxthon Options.
* Webkit
- Fixed some crash problems.
- Pages lost focus when closed “Properties” window.
- Google+ image upload problem.
* Quick Access
- The setting window did not disappear when it should did.
- Some display problems.
- Blank area of the background.
- It did not support inputting more than 12 Chinese characters to tabs.
* Download Manager
- Problem of “Open Maxthon Download Manager” in Maxthon Options.
* Video Popup
- Video popup problem of
* AdHunter
- Display problem of “Edit Blocking Rules” window.
* Online Notepad
- Focus problem.

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