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Maxthon 3.3.5 Build 1000

4,682 Téléchargements

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Maxthon 3.3.5 Build 1000  Change Log

New Feature:

  • + Switched unsupported AxtiveX pages to Retro Mode automatically.


[Main Frame]

  • Page Zoom setting did not work in New Session.

 [Webkit Core]

  • Some crash problems.
  • It could not login with the specific UA setting.
  • It could not visit local pages.
  • Incorrect interception of one download link in by Popup Blocker.
  • Extra spaces adding problem when used correction feature of Spell Checker.
  • It could not enter Chinese in some Flash Apps.
  • Invalidation of Mouse Gesture and New Tab in some pages.
  • window.onstorage event got triggered repeatedly.
  • Initialization failure of File System API?requestFileSystem.

[Extension Platform]

  • Some interface realization problems.

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