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VirtualBox  Change Log

* VMM: fixed incorrect handling of ballooned pages when restoring a VMM from a saved state
* VMM: don't crash on hosts with more than 64 cores / hyperthreads; implemented support for up to 256 host cores
* VMM: fixed guru meditation for PAE guests running on hosts without PAE
* VMM: fixed slow Linux guests with raw mode and recent guest kernels
* GUI: support host key combinations
* GUI: fixed progress indicator
* GUI: show the mouse pointer while the VM is paused if the USB tablet mouse emulation is used
* GUI: adapt the snapshot folder as well when renaming a VM
* GUI: persistently remember the last folders of the disk/DVD/floppy selectors
* GUI: never allow to start a VM with USB-2.0 activated if the proper extension pack is missing
* GUI: fixed hang/crash when opening a file dialog in an non-existing folder
* Snapshots: fixed a bug which could lose entries in the media registry when restoring a snapshot
* Snapshots: allow snapshots to be stored in the VM directory
* 3D support: fixed a crash if a VM was forced to terminate
* Storage: fixed memory leak
* Storage: fixed access to iSCSI targets over internal network
* Storage: fixed reading from disks with more than one snapshot for VHD and VMDK images with disabled host cache
* Storage: fixed a possible hang during VM suspend after an I/O error occurred
* Storage: fixed a possible hang during VM suspend / reset
* Storage: automatically create a diff image when attaching a streamOptimized VMDK image to a VM
* ATA/SATA: fixed automounting of virtual CD/DVD mediums with recent Linux distributions by correctly reporting the current profile as 'none' if no medium is present
* Buslogic: fixed emulation for certain guests (e.g. jRockit VE)
* Host-Only Networking: fixed interface creation failure on Windows hosts
* Host-Only & Bridged & Internal Networking: fix for processing promiscuous mode requests by VMs, defaulting to switch behaviour
* Host-Only Networking: fixed connectivity issue after resuming the host from sleep
* Bridged Networking: support for interface bonding on Mac OS X hosts
* NAT: fixed processing of ARP announcements for guests with static assigned IPs
* VRDP: backward compatibility with VRDPAuth external authentication library
* Shared Folders: don't fail to start a VM if a path is not absolute, for example when importing an OVF from a different host
* Audio: fixed crash under certain conditions
* USB: fixed a crash when plugging certain USB devices
* HPET: fixed time jumps when reading the counter
* OVF/OVA: automatically adjust disk paths if the VM name is changed on import
* OVF/OVA: fix export to slow medias
* OVF/OVA: automatically repair inconsistent appliances with multiple disks
* rdesktop-vrdp: fixed an assertion triggered under certain conditions
* Windows hosts: fixed occasional hangs during VM shutdown because sometimes COM was not properly uninitialized
* Mac OS X hosts: prevent the mouse from leaving the VM window while captured
* Mac OS X hosts: keep aspect ratio while resizing in scale mode (shift for old behaviour)
* X11 hosts: fixed Yen key support
* X11 hosts: fixed a regression which caused Host+F1 to pop up help instead of sending Ctrl+Alt+F1
* Linux hosts / Linux Additions: mangle IPRT symbols to allow installing VirtualBox inside a VM while the Guest Additions are active
* Linux hosts / Linux guests: workaround for a bug in GLIBC older than version 1.11 leading to crashes under certain conditions (signed/unsigned problem with memchr on 64-bit machines)
* Solaris hosts: fixed a deadlock in event semaphores that could lead to unkillable VM processes
* Windows Additions: fixed Sysprep parameter handling
* Windows Additions: fixed spontaneous guest reboots under certain circumstances
* Windows Additions: added auto logon support for locked workstations on legacy Windows versions
* Windows Additions: fixed driver bugcheck error when handling PnP messages
* Windows Additions: fixed memory leak in VBoxVideo
* X11 Additions: added support for X.Org Server 1.10 final
* Linux Additions: Linux kernel 2.6.39-rc1 fixes
* Linux Additions: improved auto-run support
* Linux Additions: fix mouse support on SUSE 11 SP 1 guests
* Solaris Additions: added support for X.Org Server 1.9
* Guest Additions: various bugfixes for guest control execution
* Webservice: use own log file, with log rotation to limit size

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