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VirtualBox 4.2.0 (Release Candidate 3) 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

VirtualBox 4.2.0 (Release Candidate 3)  Change Log

  • VMM: fixed handling of task gates if VT-x/AMD-V is disabled
  • GUI: if the user pressed cancel on restore + snapshot current, the current state was lost
  • GUI: a couple of VM group related fixes
  • GUI: fixed guest resize of maximized Windows with certain window managers (Beta1 regression)
  • GUI: added Devices/Shared Clipboard to enable/disable the clipboard at runtime
  • fixed eCS 2.1 CD installer hang/crash (Beta1 regression)
  • fixed somewhat rare Solaris GRUB boot errors with SATA (Beta1 regression)
  • Main: fixed registering of new VMs (was broken since RC2)
  • 3D: fixed application crashes on application shutdown (RC1 regression)
  • CD: fixes for audio CD passthrough for certain media players
  • Guest Control: a couple of fixes
  • OS X hosts: sign binaries
  • Windows Additions: fixed signing of 32-bit Windows Additions (Beta1 regression)
  • Solaris Additions: notify the kernel mouse subsystem of virtual resolution changes in vboxvideo.

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