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mIRC 3.72

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mIRC 3.72  Change Log

  • Fixed $parms not being passed in a redirection.
  • Can now /play to any channel/nick without needing to have that window already open.
  • Added -ttopic option to /play which looks for the specified [topic] in a text file and plays it to the specified nick/channel.
  • Added $pnick identifier which refers to the nick/channel which is currently being played to, so you can use it in /played commands.
  • Allows #$parmN to force a parameter to be a channel.
  • Fixed DCC Resume filesize bug.
  • Added option to show notifies in active window.
  • Completely reorganized the Options dialog as it was too crowded and it was getting harder to add new options. Now divided into sections, and also incorporates the options in the extras, url, sounds, and ident dialogs. The menus and toolbar buttons have been re-organized accordingly.
  • Fixed QUIT bug when exiting mIRC while still connected. It was sending a part instead of a quit to the server.
  • Fixed /timer not releasing it\'s memory in certain situations.
  • Fixed positioning of : in some raw commands.
  • Fixed setting of focus to windows.
  • Added option to dump joins/parts to status window.
  • Now shows DCC transfers percentage/size at head of window title for win95 users.
  • Messages from irc ops of the form $address or #address are now displayed in the server window in pretty purple as opposed to opening up a query window.
  • Added clear list button to dcc chat dialog (the DCC Send dialog uses the same list).
  • The /pop delay value can be up to 15 seconds now.
  • The weird DCC Send dialog bug was fixed (?)
  • Improved copy/paste routine memory allocation.
  • Fixed /sound with invalid parameters gpfing.
  • Fixed some toolbar colours not being displayed correctly for some buttons.
  • Number of channels in channel list window is now shown at beginning of title.
  • Text printed with the /echo command is now wrapped.
  • Added $r(v1,v2) identifier, returns random number or letter between v1 and v2.
  • Fixed Ident server time-out bug.

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