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mIRC 3.92

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mIRC 3.92  Change Log

  • Fixed /sound gpf bug.
  • Fixed security bug in remote.
  • Fixed gpf bug on windows opening due to old window pos/size format in mirc.ini.
  • Changed fingers storage method in mirc.ini.
  • Improved Channels List dialog.
  • Popups are now fully allocated dynamically.
  • Changed $file identifier to display only files, can now use $dir to display both directories and files.
  • Added /font command which pops up the font dialog.
  • Added Extract URL menu item to channels list popup menu, which extracts a URL from a channels topic and puts it in the URL list.
  • DCC Send percent info is now updated when an Ack is received, not when a packet is sent.
  • Fixed $parms not working with $read.
  • Speeded up tabs display in options dialog slightly.
  • Small improvements in DDE response speed.
  • Function key aliases can now execute several commands by using the | command seperator.
  • Fixed DCC gpf problem (?)
  • Fixed $read not closing files in certain situations.
  • When entering text in an editbox mIRC now beeps when you are within 30 characters of the maximum allowed line length.
  • mIRC now works with the three major WWW Browsers.
  • Fixed \'=\' prefix processing bug in remote.

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