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mIRC 6.03

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mIRC 6.03  Change Log

  • Fixed perform on connect sorting bug.
  • Fixed numeric 330 bug.
  • Fixed menubar and toolbar flickering when switching windows.
  • Fixed ! on INPUT processing bug.
  • Fixed $read/etc. freeze bug when used with invalid filenames.
  • /window -o no longer activates a window.
  • Fixed switchbar multi-line display bug.
  • Fixed /window -h and Alt+F1 bug.
  • Fixed up/down keys not working in certain windows.
  • Fixed dcc ignore bug.
  • Fixed /timer bug, was triggering too early in some situations.
  • Fixed /window -h displaying minimized icon for a window when switchbar was turned off.
  • Shift+DoubleClick on a line in the Channels List window now joins the channel minimized.
  • Fixed bug in highlight feature.
  • Fixed remote toolbar button right-click menu bug.
  • Nick color list now allows you to add an item with no color selected.
  • Fixed background picture display bug when a window is resized.
  • Fixed listbox selection/cursor bug which affected listboxes in dialog windows.
  • Fixed /load command triggering multiple on load events.
  • mIRC now supports the IRCX events KNOCK, WHISPER, EVENT, PROP on any server that sends them, not just an IRCX server.
  • Added on LOGON event, triggers before and after mIRC sends the standard PASS, NICK, and USER messages to the server.
      on ^*:LOGON:*:echo Logging on to $network $server
      on *:LOGON:*:echo Logged on to $network $server

      If you /halt the event, mIRC will not send the standard logon messages, allowing to send your own messages.

  • mIRC will again try to rejoin a channel even if it was +i or +k, since there are situations on some networks where the rejoin will work.
  • Fixed /set -u0 bug not unsetting variables in some situations.
  • Fixed enter key bug in empty channel nicklist.
  • Changed $ticks back to old method due to bug in Windows high performance timer which returned incorrect values.
  • Now handles numeric 378 in whois replies.
  • Fixed fileserver window not being closed on a time-out.
  • Fixed window active titlebar display bug when certain Window tile/cascade options were enabled.
  • Fixed /did -k not triggering events again if halted once.
  • Fixed debug window not showing entire raw line if it contained a $cr or $lf.
  • Fixed on START bug caused by loading custom dialogs during the event.
  • Fixed memory bug in script parser.
  • Fixed /load /unload not treating short/long filenames as the same file.
  • Notify list titlebar now shows total number of notify users online across all server connections.
  • Added $window().sbtext and .sbcolor properties.
  • Can now mark/copy text backwards or forwards.
  • Fixed $base() bug not handling negative numbers correctly.
  • Added $ialchan().pnick property.
  • Added $serverip identifier, returns server ip address.
  • Added /editbox -f switch, sets editbox focus.
  • Added $nick().idle property, returns idle time in seconds for nick on a channel, ie. the time since the user last sent a message to the channel.
  • Fixed on CONNECTFAIL bug.
  • Fixed $mklogfn() bug.
  • Fixed proxy authentication bug.
  • Added idle time option to nick color list dialog. Also added $cnick().idle property.
  • Fixed $asctime() bug.
  • Fixed /ignore -u bug.
  • Added exception masks option to firewall dialog.
  • Fixed dcc server ignore bug.
  • Can now specify %variables in a dialog item definition, and the %variable will be set with the contents of that item when the dialog is closed, eg.

    edit \, 2, 10 10 100 20, autohs %test

  • Online timer now handles multi-server connections.
  • Changed $input(prompt,N,window,title,text), where N is:
      e - show input editbox
      p - show input password editbox
      o - ok button
      y - yesno buttons
      n - yesnocancel buttons
      v - return $ok, $yes, $no, $cancel for buttons

      iqwh - show the info, question, warning, and hand icons

      s - indicates that window name has been specified
      a - activate dialog

  • Fixed @window menu bug relating to $1 value when no item was selected in a listbox.
  • Added $md5(text|&binvar|filename,[N]) identifier, where N = 0 for plain text (default), 1 for &binvar, 2 for filename.

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