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Trillian (Beta)

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Trillian (Beta)  Change Log


  • 12497 FIXED [Alerts] Max out the amount of text shown in alerts
  • 10996 FIXED [Alerts] Notification wont work when Dreamscene in vista/7 is active
  • 12691 FIXED [Contact List] Add group should be removed from menu with group by service on
  • 12575 FIXED [Contact List] Count bubble overlaps the text in the contact list for a mail account with a lot of unread messages
  • 12684 FIXED [Contact List] Icon-backgrounds can disappear after theme changing
  • 12502 FIXED [Contact List] Remove tooltip when you start to drag an item
  • 12558 FIXED [FACEBOOK] Trillian incorrectly marks who said what in chat window
  • 12514 FIXED [History] Clicking a summary item may not go to the right item in the day
  • 12515 FIXED [History] Don't show status window messages in the global summary
  • 12510 FIXED [History] History gets randomized after update 28
  • 12346 FIXED [HISTORY] Messages duplicated when switching between protocols in a metacontact
  • 12517 FIXED [History] Possible to show duplicate messages in the timeline of a history window
  • 12513 FIXED [History] Some history does not show up when clicking on the date
  • 12578 FIXED [Mail] Slowdown on a large mail item receipt
  • 12512 FIXED [Message Windows] Crash when buffer is clipped and bubbles are on
  • 12498 FIXED [Message Windows] Information messages and others with just timestamp filled out may be sorted improperly
  • 12533 FIXED [Message Windows] Message Window doesn't stay properly maximized
  • 12493 FIXED [Message Windows] Missing preview over URLS
  • 12492 FIXED [Message Windows] Moving from/to tooltip to the edit control
  • 12602 FIXED [Message Windows] Only show outbound typing indicator if typing is being sent (based on pref)
  • 12496 FIXED [Message Windows] Removed the knowledgebar for now from settings since it doesn't show up in this UI
  • 12107 FIXED [Message Windows] Scrolling jumps when certain images are in conversation
  • 12549    FIXED [Message Windows] Status change messages are added to the top of the window
  • 12576 FIXED [Message Windows] The tab text does not ellipsis properly when a new count bubble changes its size
  • 12500 FIXED [Message Windows] Tooltips may not show up on newly morphed container windows
  • 12384    FIXED [Message Windows] Video chat doesn't work
  • 12616 FIXED [Preferences] .tsz files are not showing up properly or switching to
  • 12603 FIXED [Preferences] Changed default for instant lookup to off
  • 12580 FIXED [SDK] Sending one character via messageSend does not work
  • 12501 FIXED [Social] Progress background should not be themed
  • 12391 FIXED [Social] Twitter "Unread Message Count" inaccurate
  • 12446    FIXED [TWITTER] Cannot upload to twitpic
  • 12678 FIXED [TWITTER] Changed @name -> Mentions
  • 12579 FIXED [TWITTER] Rearranged some settings


  • 12373  FIXED [ASTRA] Auto accept turns off incorrectly after resource with capabilities signs on and off
  • 12638  FIXED [FACEBOOK] Facebook Won't Connect When HTTPS is Required on the Facebook Account
  • 12641  FIXED [FACEBOOK] Outgoing Facebook chat messages sent from Facebook appear in Trillian chat windows as incoming messages
  • 12536  FIXED [IM] Metacontact medium priorities
  • 12619  FIXED [IM] Various menu crashes
  • 12588  FIXED [MSN] MSN plus sends up to 1000 characters without splitting, yet Trillian does not.
  • 12526  FIXED [MSN] New contacts change to "Blocked" after add and they log out then in again
  • 12538  FIXED [MSN] URL to WLM profile not correct
  • 11956  FIXED [MSN] Windows live mail inbox not opened in existing browser window
  • 12474  FIXED [MSN] WLM contact list freeze
  • 12618  FIXED [OSCAR] Sign in failure with some corporate proxies
  • 11446  FIXED [SKYPE] Crash on Exit with Skype 5 Beta
  • 12543   FIXED [SKYPE] Trillian is not compatible with skype 5.1 (does not connect)
  • 12418  FIXED [TWITTER] Tweets beginning with @-replies don't show up
  • 11716 FIXED [TWITTER] Twitter: Mentions are not displayed in @TwitterName tab if tweets are protected.
  • 12532  FIXED [XMPP] Cannot Unblock Google Talk Contacts
  • 12692 FIXED [XMPP] The "*** This conversation is no longer off the record." message shows up multiple times when a gchat contact is typing his message.
  • 12716  FIXED [YAHOO] Avatars on yahoo won't show up in contact list and message windows
  • 12332  FIXED [YAHOO] Can not receive full message after "the buzz"
  • 12406  FIXED [YAHOO] Multi line chat messages appearing as one line


  • Server stored history
  • Continuous client - message acking, opening/closing sync, message sync

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