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Trillian (Beta)

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Trillian (Beta)  Change Log

  • 13356 Scott Werndorfer FIXED [FACEBOOK] Commenting not stripping HTML characters correctly
  • 13351 Scott Werndorfer FIXED [FACEBOOK] Facebook not posting status message or comments on news feed.
  • 13357 Scott Werndorfer FIXED [ICQ] Add UIN 12211 to exclusion list for blocking system messages
  • 13353 Scott Werndorfer FIXED [SKYPE] Audio devices not selecting properly on WinXP
  • 13333 Scott Werndorfer FIXED [SKYPE] Ringer continues to play if remote cancels call
  • 13326 Scott Werndorfer FIXED [SKYPE] Skype contacts return in 'Skype' folder after being deleted
  • 13341 Scott Werndorfer FIXED [SKYPE] Skype plugin crash in 5.1. build 10
  • 13354 Kevin Kurtz  FIXED [Message Windows] An invalid plugin may cause an upload of an image to occur many times in a row
  • 13358 Kevin Kurtz  FIXED [Message Windows] Some URLs still contain & when launching
  • 13359 Kevin Kurtz  FIXED [Skins] Meta window switching does not work with non default phase
  • 13352 Kevin Kurtz  FIXED [Skins] Remove custom windows when switching to the default 5.0 skin for the first time
  • 13282 Kevin Kurtz  FIXED [SKYPE] History from Skype chats is not saved.

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