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WinSCP 3.0.0

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WinSCP 3.0.0  Change Log

  • Project milestone.
  • SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) version 3 support. Compare with SCP.
  • Transfer resume (SFTP only). By default WinSCP allows resume only for files greater than 10 KiB. It would cause not appropriate slow down with smaller file. It is possible to change threshold in Preferences.
  • Text file editor. By default internal editor is used, yet external editor can be configured instead. Internal editor features:
    • Clipboard operations (copy, cut, paste, delete).
    • Single undo.
    • Find, replace, find/replace next.
    • Go to line number.
  • Remote file execution (file is downloaded to local temporary directory, executed/opened and uploaded back, when changed).
  • Add/edit link command. For SCP, both symbolic links and hard links can be created. For SFTP, only symbolic links are supported. Symbolic links can be edited also. On local panel (Commander interface only) command works with Windows shortcuts.
  • Transfer speed limiter on transfer progress dialog.
  • Improved loading of remote directory. Directories with very large number of files should load much faster.
  • Slightly faster upload with SCP.
  • When message (confirmation or error) pops up, while program is on background, taskbar icon flashes.
  • Transfer mode (text, binary) and resume status shown on transfer progress dialog.
  • When Remember last used directory option is turned on, Home directory command opens real home directory, even when default directory is specified.
  • Bug fix: Password was unintentionally saved with stored session, when Remember last used directory option was turned on.
  • When you drag files from remote directory to local within application (Commander interface only), files are downloaded directly to local directory.
  • Ignore button on error confirmation dialogs replaced with more meaningful Skip button.
  • Auto-completion feature in Console dialog was removed.
  • Leave as is option in context menu of permissions box.
  • Improved error logging.
  • Bug fix: Path to random seed file enclosed in quotes is handled properly.
  • Bug fix: Handling of cyclic symbolic links.
  • Bug fix: Session can be opened, even when configured default local directory does not exist.
  • Bug fix: Leaved directory is selected after parent directory is opened, even when parent directory is loaded from cache.
  • Bug fix: Abort command have not worked properly, when remote file deletion failed after file was moved to local directory.
  • Bug fix: When log window was opened, it received focus after file operation finishes. Some other log window bugs fixed too.

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