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WinSCP 4.0.6

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WinSCP 4.0.6  Change Log

  • U3 version launches by default PuTTY for U3 and saves settings to its registry key.
  • Access denied errors upon implicit writing to an INI file are ignored (it is expected that user made the file read-only deliberately).
  • Drag and drop on 64-bit systems is working (was actually implemented for testing purposes in 4.0.5 already).
  • When parsing directory listing, “at” sign after permissions is silently ignored
  • INI file is being saved only when there was a change made.
  • Bug fix: WinSCP has not allowed ending of Windows session (Log off, Shut down, etc.).
  • Bug fix: The last line of authentication banner may have been incorrectly listed on authentication window.
  • Bug fix: When prompt was displayed while reconnecting session with internal editor focused, it was not possible to focus the prompt input box.
  • Bug fix: WinSCP was ignoring external requests to resize its window (particularly Cascade, Tide Horizontally and Tide Vertically taskbar commands).
  • Bug fix: WinSCP hanged when authentication prompt was displayed while “timeout” message was shown.
  • Bug fix: With some servers, it was not possible to remove a directory because WinSCP made the directory current before deletion (FTP).
  • Bug fix: INI file was uselessly being saved also when opened for reading only.
  • Bug fix: Improved compatibility with MSVDM. Main window no longer minimize into small window caption.
  • Bug fix: Quotes around string options saved to an INI files were duplicated.
  • Bug fix: Reference to dragext.dll was not released once not used.
  • Bug fix: Directory content cache was not reset after timestamp synchronization.
  • Bug fix: When specifying session using ftp:// URL, correct port 21 is used by default.
  • Bug fix: When URL of translator was not specified, stray URL was used instead.

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