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WinSCP 4.3.6

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WinSCP 4.3.6  Change Log

  • Bug fix: “Chokes on SSH-2 ignore messages” SSH bug was always on. 767
  • Back-propagated some improvements and fixes from 5.0.3 - 5.0.6 beta releases:
  • All binaries are signed with Martin Prikryl publisher certificate. 505
  • When script is aborted by the user, error exit code is used.
  • Connect timeout is configurable.
  • When renaming a folder within file panel, whole filename (including an extension) is always selected. 737
  • In-application license text updated to GPLv3. 751
  • Change: In mouse-only Explorer-style selection mode, single-file implicit mouse-selection is not preserved, when focus/selection is subsequently changed using keyboard.
  • SSH core upgraded to PuTTY 0.62. It brings following changes:
  • Security fix: WinSCP no longer retains passwords in memory by mistake. password-not-wiped
  • Bug fix: Spurious “Access denied” printed in the authentication window after GSSAPI failure. gssapi-access-denied
  • Bug fix: 0.61-style Pageant did not work with 0.60-style WinSCP. pageant-backwards-compatibility
  • Bug fix: Fixed parsing owner/group with modified ID on Properties dialog.
  • Bug fix: When switching between session and shared bookmarks, path was not updated on the Open directory dialog.
  • Bug fix: Internal “Operation aborted” errors were not suppressed for background transfers.
  • Bug fix: Path label was not resized with larger shell font size.
  • Bug fix: Default permissions for new remote directory did not include Execute right. 762
  • Bug fix: Duplicate reconnect prompt when connection is lost, while transferring file in subdirectory.
  • Bug fix: Error was signaled from script when connection stalled even when it was reconnected. 731
  • Bug fix: Failure to locate GetUserNameEx. 734
  • Bug fix: Records of files transferred within subdirectory were written at once, not continuously, in XML logging. 739
  • Bug fix: In mouse-only Explorer-style selection mode, selection was not cleared after clicking outside of selection, after focus/selection was previously changed using keyboard.
  • Bug fix: Session name was not preserved when duplicating session into a new window.
  • Bug fix: Installer was not removing translations of previous versions on Windows 7.
  • OpenCandy advertising module reintroduced to the installer. There’s also ad-free alternative installer available

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