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WinSCP 4.1.9

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WinSCP 4.1.9  Change Log

Back-propagates some improvements and fixes from 4.2 beta release:

  • Workaround for problem with Tectia SFTP server corrupting remote file if resumed transfer fails again. 351
  • Errors while keeping session alive with FTP protocol are ignored.
  • Bug fix: When synchronizing timestamps of local files, update of non-existing local files was offered. 346
  • Bug fix: When name of destination remote file was changed on overwrite confirmation dialog, timestamps and permissions were yet set on the original filename (SFTP only).
  • Bug fix: Change of name of destination remote file on overwrite confirmation dialog was not reflected properly for resumable file transfers (SFTP only).
  • Bug fix: Failure during dummy listing of remote directory with FTP as form of keepalive, while error message of failed regular directory listing was shown.
  • Bug fix: Failure after closing internal editor. 349
  • Bug fix: Infinite loop when FTP directory listing with -a switch fails. 352
  • Bug fix: Paste in an internal editor could not be undone. 354
  • Bug fix: Script switch -preservetime did not work. 361
  • Bug fix: Repetitive prompts for adding bookmark when switching between “bookmark” and “location profile” mode.
  • Bug fix: Suspending background transfer was not working with FTP. 341
  • Bug fix: Occasional failure when showing main window. 369
  • Bug fix: Status bar on log file window always indicated no log file. 370
  • Bug fix: Just leaved directory was not focused in file panel when paths as reported by remote server ended with slash. 371
  • Bug fix: Opening session in PuTTY was not working for ad-hoc sessions. 372
  • Bug fix: Incorrectly URL-encoded character in session specification may caused the session to be silently ignored. 373
  • Bug fix: Failure of authentication was not shown on authentication dialog with FTP protocol.
  • Bug fix: Directories with no transferred files were not created on upload with FTP. 137

Back-propagates some improvements and fixes from upcoming 4.2.2 release:

  • Improved logging of FTP protocol events and errors.
  • Password for tunnel session is also remembered for background transfers. 400
  • Timestamps of local and remote file are compared with respect to their precision when transferring updated files only. 409
  • Bug fix: File selection was broken after sorting on Windows Vista. 383
  • Bug fix: Main window stopped responding if directory listing with SFTP started with file with suspicious name. 384
  • Bug fix: No overwrite confirmation when dropping local files to local panel of Commander interface. 387
  • Bug fix: Local and remote panels were inconsistently sorted by extension. 389
  • Bug fix: The Update subdirectories checkbox of Keep remote directory up to date did not apply to synchronization on start. 395
  • Bug fix: When changing directory with FTP failed due to new remote path being different to requested one, respective error message missed to report a cause. 398
  • Bug fix: Remembered password of main session was in some cases reused to authenticate tunnel session for background transfers. 400
  • Bug fix: Blank lines of command output were not shown in console window. 402
  • Bug fix: Button-like controls disappeared when accelerators were about to be shown on Windows Vista. 329
  • Bug fix: Last modification date was not shown in local file panel with some rare system date/time formats. 406
  • Bug fix: Transfer to temporary file was disabled when transferring file to/from editor. 407
  • Bug fix: Overwrite confirmation prompt was showing timestamps not adjusted for DST with FTP. 412
  • Bug fix: Failure while uploading file when timestamp of remote file was not retrieved with FTP protocol. 413
  • Bug fix: WinSCP hanged when FTP connection was closed while waiting for reply to keepalive. 414
  • Bug fix: FTP command scheduled for execution just before connection is closed was executed out of the order after reconnect. 415

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