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WinSCP 5.0.3 (Beta)

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WinSCP 5.0.3 (Beta)  Change Log

  • Recently used sessions are added to taskbar jump list on Windows 7. 527
  • Queue processing can be disabled. 29
  • Tab selector for sessions. 77
  • Change: Synchronized browsing state is stored with stored session, not in preferences. 10
  • Stored session folder opened/closed state is remembered. 220
  • Change: In mouse-only Explorer-style selection mode, single-file implicit mouse-selection is not preserved, when focus/selection is subsequently changed using keyboard.
  • Change: All fatal errors (those that cause exit code of WinSCP to be 1) in scripting are recorded in new subtag failure of root tag session. This includes connection errors, replacing previous recording in result tag.
  • Change: Value both of synchronize command switch criteria renamed to either to avoid confusion (both is still recognized for backward compatibility). 195
  • Increased socket internal buffer size for SSH with option to disable it. It improves transfer speed. Thanks to ultramage. 690
  • File sizes in file panel are optionally shown using short format (KiB, MiB, etc). 421
  • All binaries are signed with Martin Prikryl publisher certificate. 505
  • Automatic reconnect, when server stopped responding. 405
  • When script is aborted by the user, error exit code is used.
  • Explicit control for specifying anonymous FTP login on Login dialog. 569
  • FTP account can be specified on Login dialog. 203
  • MFC building readme file in source code package has wrong content.
  • When saving opened session, password saving is enabled, when master password is in use.
  • Connect timeout is configurable.
  • Information window about updates show times of the last and the next check for updates.
  • Increased height of Login dialog to fit more stored sessions. 378
  • Description of rawsettings script added to command-line help screen and open command help.
  • Change: Silently ignoring, when local file mask in put command matches no file. 746
  • Added mget alias for get script command and mput alias for put command.
  • Added echo script command.
  • URL of Getting started webpage opened from installer includes previously installed version, so that hints specific to upgrades from the version can be displayed.
  • Installer starts WinSCP minimized, when it also opens Getting started webpage.
  • Session option Allow GSSAPI credential delegation is now configurable on the Login dialog. 583
  • When renaming a folder within file panel, whole filename (including an extension) is always selected. 737
  • In-application license text updated to GPLv3. 751
  • Bug fix: Default session log file path was missing slash before filename.
  • Bug fix: Duplicate reconnect prompt when connection is lost, while transferring file in subdirectory.
  • Bug fix: Error was signaled from script when connection stalled even when it was reconnected. 731
  • Bug fix: Help > Contents command was not working.
  • Bug fix: Failure to locate GetUserNameEx. 734
  • Bug fix: Records of files transferred within subdirectory were written at once, not continuously, in XML logging. 739
  • Bug fix: Switch -rawsettings of open command was not working. 740
  • Bug fix: In mouse-only Explorer-style selection mode, selecting was not cleared after clicking outside of selection, after focus/selection was previously changed using keyboard.
  • Bug fix: Mouse cursor stayed “busy” forever after drag&drop operation. 744
  • Bug fix: Main window was not restoring from system tray sometimes. 745
  • Bug fix: Session name was not preserved when duplicating session into a new window.
  • Bug fix: Failure when using an INI file. 747
  • Bug fix: Installer was not removing translations of previous versions on Windows 7.

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